Blitz Racer

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A challenging 3D racing game.

Blitz Racer is a 3D isometric racing game, with a minimal art style, simplistic controls and a challenging gameplay. To play, you simply need to tap right to turn right and tap left to turn left. Sounds simple enough!? Don’t be deceived by this ease of play and the minimalist look of the game. It is so difficult that you might feel like using your device for stone skipping, but should you be up for the challenge, then you’ll be “rewarded” at the end of the game.

The goal of Blitz Racer is as simple as its design. Complete as many laps as you can to unlock each challenging race tracks. The game currently features 6 tracks you can unlock (more tracks coming soon). You receive a star or stars for each laps/tracks you finish. You then use the stars to unlock the next racing track.

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