Cerberus Gold™

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Game Summary

Descend into the firey abyss of the underworld, where the three-headed guardian awaits. Dare to brave the flames, ignite the fury, and conquer the underworld’s treacherous trials for unimaginable riches!

Descend into the depths of darkness with Cerberus Gold™ – LockNWin™, where the wrath of the Underworld awaits! Face the fiery gaze of the three-headed Cerberus as it guards its infernal domain. Each coin sparks fury within the beast, igniting a symphony of fireballs, multipliers, and spine-chilling LockNWins™.

Beware the seething rage of Cerberus’s heads, for with every growl, they unleash chaos upon the reels, promising untamed thrills and untold riches.

Game Features

Game specifications

Game NameCerberus Gold™ LockNWin™
Release Date16.04.24
Game TypeSlots
Reels5×3 to 5×6, Spinning Reels
Payways243 to 7776
Total RTP (theoretical payout)96.02%
Free Spins GameYes
FeaturesSplit Symbol, Collect, Multiply LockNWinTM, Jackpot LockNWinTM, Supreme LockNWinTM
Aspect RatioDynamic Scaling
Screen FootprintThis game is optimized for resolution 1280×720.
Supported PlatformsDesktop HTML5, iOS, Android